Hourly Rates & Information


Hourly Rates for Non-Members

  • $24.95 per hour for the first shooter

  • Additional shooters added onto the same lane is $10 per person

  • Minors ages 7-17 shoot for free (see rules for minors shooting at the range)

  • Up to 4 people on one lane

  • The 1 hour time limit is only in effect if there is a wait list for lanes.

  • If you have hit the 1 hour mark and wish to continue shooting, you may reenter the wait-list at no cost


Additional Range Information

  • All new customers must present a valid ID at their first visit, and they will have their photo taken for their customer profile.

  • All shooters 18 years of age and older must obtain a FBS Range Safety Card by watching our range safety video.  The fee for this is $15 and the safety card is good for 1 year.  

  • All minors must be accompanied by a parent for their first visit.  After the first visit they must be with an adult who is lawful to be in possession of firearms.  Please note, the minimum age to shoot at our facility is 7 years old.

  • You must be 21 years of age to shoot a handgun, or be accompanied by someone who is lawful to be in possession of a handgun.

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