Introducing:  Flat Broke Shooters Firearms Training Center!

The range is 10 lanes and 25 yards long featuring a state of the art target retrieval system, Carey's ventilation, and it is fully ballistic enabling training forward of the firing line for group training. Additional features include a training room, lounge, retail area, and kitchen.  We want to provide a safe, family friendly, high quality shooting experience while continuing to offer quality shooting instruction in Southern Maryland.  


FAQ's Updated 12/1/2019

Are you Open?  YES!!!!

Where are you located?  In Southern Maryland / Lexington Park, six miles south of the Patuxent River Naval Station off of Rt 235.                                                        48845 Saint James Church Rd, Lexington Park, Md 20653

What types of guns can I shoot?  Pistol, rifle and shotgun (slugs only or 00 Buckshot, no muzzle loaders).  The range is rated up to 338 Lapua, however for comfort of the other shooters we may need to lower this.  The popular .223 / .556 rifles are allowed!


Can I bring my own ammunition?  Yes.  You may bring your own ammunition, however we must restrict types of ammunition for safety and all outside ammunition is subject to inspection for safety purposes.  No steel core or bi-metal rounds, no green-tip and no incendiary rounds.  We sell ammunition and it is competitively priced.  We even have bulk ammo specials!


Do you offer membership?  Yes! We offer individual and family memberships.  Memberships will require a $50 individual or $75 family initiation fee, and we expect it will take about 30 minutes to complete your membership sign up and safety check out.  After initiation the membership will be an annual contract billed monthly $34.95 individuals, $39.95 for families.  Approximately 75% of the membership spots have been sold!  Members also have the option to rent lockers at an additional fee.

What constitutes family & what about kids?  Family memberships include a spouse, and children ages 18 -21 provided that all parties are residing at the same address.  Children ages 7 - 17 shoot free with an adult, however children in this age range MUST be accompanied by a parent on their first visit.

What perks does a membership have?  Members will have priority access to the range, with unlimited visits each month.


Can I use the range without a membership?  Yes, non-members may use the range on a space available basis for an hourly fee of $24.95, up to 2 additional shooters can be added to a lane rental for $10 per shooter.  For safety purposes all non-members will be required to get a Range Safety card. This will take about 15 - 20 minutes to go through the range rules / safety orientation and will have a $15 fee.  The Range Safety card will be good for 1 year from the date of issue.

Do you sell guns?   Yes, and we do provide FFL services for our savvy online shoppers.

Do you rent guns?  Yes, please see our gun rental page for more information.

What about targets?  We offer a full line of reasonably priced targets, including the popular Shoot N See targets.  Members may bring their own paper targets but they must be pre-approved prior to use.  No offensive targets or targets representing religious figures will be allowed.  Maximum Target size is 24 inches tall.

Why does this look like a barn?   County requirements say the structure must look agricultural, so we embraced this theme to bring you an amazing interior and exterior with a country flair!

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