Handgun Basics/AKA Maryland HQL:

This course is designed to introduce or provide a refresher for the basics of safely shooting handguns. Class size is limited so that we can provide personalized instruction. We can also provide this course privately, semi-privately, or in a couples format! The course consists of approximately 1 hour of classroom instruction using dummy rounds and laser training guns to learn and execute safe gun handling, loading and unloading, grip, stance, trigger control and clearing malfunctions. This is followed up with approximately 3 hours on the range where we put it all together to get you shooting accurately and safely. What sets this course apart from other "basic" courses is that we strive to provide the majority of instruction/education on the range instead of staying in the classroom.    This course qualifies as a prerequisite for the Maryland HQL.


Personal Protection Inside the Home:

This course is approximately 9 hours where you will go over the fundamentals and psychology of preparing your home and yourself to avoid/defend from a hostile situation. This class is in lecture format, the range will be used for demonstration only. It goes into the details of choosing a defensive firearm and the pros and cons of likely scenarios. This is a great course that we are excited about adding to our curriculum! 


Intro to Competitive Shooting:

This 2 day course is designed to teach USPSA shooters the basic fundamentals for shooting a match. This includes match day preparation, start positions, draws, reloads, stage breakdown andplanning, understanding scoring /hit factors and mistakes to avoid which will cost you time! Along the way some basic shooting techniques will be covered. (i.e. stance, grip, foot work, drills, etc) While it can be easy to believe that this sport is just about shooting, you will learn that there is much, much more than just pulling the trigger and these fundamentals will increase your overall performance.


Day 1 - 5 hours (0800-1300) of classroom instruction mixed with practical sessions on a private range. Gear and guns are required.


Day 2 - USPSA match with Southern Maryland Practical Shooters (match fee not included). This day puts it all together. We will include match preparation, pre match stage review, stage breakdown/ planning, and how to apply the various principles taught on Day 1. You will squad with Steve and Cindi and receive instruction and tips during the day (if desired). Course fee is $75.00 per person and space will be limited to 10 shooters.  Shooters are responsible for their own gear and ammo. If you are new to USPSA, or have been in the game a bit and don’tlike your results, this information should get you on the right trackand improve your scores! This will be on a first come first servebasis. 10 shooters only.


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