So You Bought an AR?!

Basic AR Training Course  Info:

2020 Upcoming Basic Course Dates: 

July 11th,  August 15th, September 19th

Time: 4:00-8:00pm

Intermediate AR Course: July 19th 

Advanced class:  Coming Fall 2020

So you bought an AR, now what?  If you are one of the many people who have purchased an AR and want to know the fundamentals of this modern sporting rifle, then this class is for you!  This is a basic course which covers parts, nomenclature, and accessories. You will learn the foundation of shooting this dynamic rifle as well as proper maintenance to include assembly and disassembly.  Fee for this course is $100.

You can bring any AR that the range can handle, from a .22 to one of the big guns.  As always, ammunition is subject to inspection.  If your ammo sticks to a magnet, then you can't bring it.  If you need to store your gun here prior to class, please contact us to make arrangements.

The lead instructor for this class is Sean Cox.  Sean is a retired FBI Special Agent with more than twenty-seven years of law enforcement service and instructional experience.  Sean joined the FBI working violent crime investigations and served as a SWAT Team member in Washington, D.C. and Baltimore.  During his twenty two years with the FBI, Sean served as a firearms, tactics and defensive tactics instructor.  He also spent thirteen years as a Hostage Rescue Team Operator and Team Leader providing leadership, daily training, and responding to numerous crisis sites around the country.  He worked as a Supervisory Special Agent instructing at the FBI Swat Operations Unit for three years and at the FBI Academy, Practical Applications Unit where he instructed FBI Agents in tactics and firearms.  Prior to the FBI, Sean was employed as a Trooper with the Maryland State Police. Sean was an associate instructor at the Maryland State Police Academy, where he taught officer survival mindset and tactics.  Sean is an avid shooter, hunter and angler.  Sean has all of the tactical experience with no tactical intimidation!

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