Competition Practice Session

Don't give up on your training over the winter!  Come join us on the designated Wednesday nights at 6:30pm for a 2 hour training session!  You will need your pistol, at least 150 rounds of ammunition (varies based on the specific skills practiced for that class) a holster and magazines and pouches.  This session is taught entirely on the range and class size is very limited. 

Classes held on the second Wednesday of every month from 6:30 pm - 8:30pm!

Intro to Competitive Shooting:

If you are new to the competition shooting sports or a shooter that's wondering how to get better scores at your local matches you will benefit from this class!  This course is designed to teach IDPA/USPSA shooters the basic fundamentals for shooting a match. While it can be easy to believe that this sport is just about shooting, you will learn that there is much, much more than just pulling the trigger and these fundamentals will increase your overall performance. This includes match day preparation, start positions, draws, reloads, stage breakdown and planning, understanding scoring /hit factors and mistakes to avoid which will cost you time! Along the way some basic shooting techniques will be covered. (i.e. stance, grip, foot work, drills, etc) Sometimes the answer to shooting faster is to shoot smarter!


Day 1 - 8 hours of classroom instruction mixed with practical stage walks on a private range. Gear and gun is required.


Day 2 -  (This day is optional)  USPSA match with Southern Maryland Practical Shooters (match fee not included). This day puts it all together. We will include match preparation, pre match stage review, stage breakdown/ planning, and how to apply the various principles taught on Day 1. You will squad with Steve and Cindi and receive feedback and tips during the day (if desired).


Course fee is $125.00 per person and space will be limited to 12 shooters.  Shooters are responsible for their own gear and ammo. If you are new to USPSA, or have been in the game a bit and don’t like your results, this information should get you on the right track and improve your scores!

Next Class TBD 2020

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